1. What is the CIK thirty (30) day standard warranty?

CIK provides a standard 30 day warranty policy for all monthly subscription customers.
For whatever reason, service can be canceled within 30 days from the service activation date. The purchased hardware will be fully refunded (If returned within 7 days from the cancellation request in the original package). Any one-time charge such as a processing fee, activation fee, installation fee, upgrading fee, shipping fee, or a Bell/Rogers DMC charge is non-refundable and will be charged at full amount if waived or discounted. A fixed monthly service fee will be waived and variable charges such as long distance, usage charge or Pay Per View charge will be charged based on usage at a normal rate.
This policy only applies to new customers only who install CIK service at the first time. It doesn't apply to a service reactivation in the same address or a DSL/Cable Conversion or customer moving to a new address.

2. What is the CIK standard hardware warranty?

From January 1st, 2011 all of CIK hardware must be received from CIK (Rental or No-Rental/Purchase), if it is required for using a CIK service. And all customers receive a life time warranty for all hardware purchased as long as customer keeps using CIK service. We provide complete end-to-end support for the hardware we provide during the life-time of your subscription with us.
Any defective hardware will be replaced free of charge (Broken hardware due to physical damage are not included in this warranty).

3. What is the CIK hardware upgrading policy?

To keep up with new and evolving technology, CIK develops new hardware which will be beneficial for our loyal customers. Customers who have been using CIK services for over 2 years are qualified for a free upgrade of one their CIK hardware devices to the latest generation CIK hardware device by prepaying for 1 year of service, or the customer qualifies to buy the latest generation hardware at 50% of the list price. A shipping and handling fee of $9.95 is required for the upgrade.

4. CIK Service General Terms and Agreement?

5. How do I refer CIK service to my friends?

6. What are the local office addresses and hours of operation?

7. What should I do if haven’t received my device(s)?

First please check your order status – click here.
The package, with the required device(s), is shipped after the activation day is confirmed. If your activation date is not confirmed, please allow five to seven (5-7) days from the date the order payment was received.
After the package is shipped, a tracking number will be provided to you, by email and phone, and you can check the shipping status of the package at www.canadapost.ca. If the status shows delivered, but you did not receive the package, you should check if the package was delivered to your community mailbox. If you could not find the package, please contact our Customer Service Department to resend a new package and we will check with Canada Post about the original package.

8. How long will it take before I receive my device(s)?

We have two major shipping centres, one located in Toronto and the other located in Vancouver. According to your address, the device(s) will be shipped from the closest shipping centre and will take about one to two (1-2) business days to reach you. All shipments are sent out with a tracking number and you can track the shipment at www.canadapost.ca

9. What should I do if my service is not activated on time?

If your service is not working on the activation date, we recommend you wait till midnight (12:00am) of the activation date, as there might be some additional technical work, such as some required wiring and/or provisioning at a remote CO(Central Office). If the service still not working after midnight (12:00am), please contact our Customer Service Department to inform them of the situation.

10. How can I reach the CIK Telecom Customer Service Department?

There are several different ways:
  • By Phone – we are open 7x24 for sales, customer service and technical support and offer assistance in many languages - English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Vietnamese, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.
  • By Online Chat – 7x24 hours
  • By email
  • Local Offices or Corporate Stores – check the working hours and services for the local office or corporate store in your area. General services available include: new customer signup, equipment testing and exchange and payment and DOES NOT include equipment return and payment refund. Please contact the store before visiting to ensure they can insist with your inquiry.

11. Can I request a credit if have a problem with my service?

If, as a result of a CIK network issue, your CIK service was not working for 48 hours or more, a credit for the downtime will be automatically credited to your account. Credit will not be issued if the problem is caused by a customer-side reason such as an issue with a computer, a router or on-site wiring situation. The credit amount will be given after the issue is fixed. For internet slow speed or unstable issues, usually a credit will not be given as it is hard to estimate the downtime.

12. Will I be notified by CIK once my term ends?

Most of our plans are month to month, so there is no term.
However for those special plans with free hardware or a large discount, there might be a binding one or two (1 or 2) year term which you would be informed of at the time of sign-up and is clearly outlined in the printed order form, shipped with the equipment. When the term is over, your plan will be automatically changed to month-to-month billing.

13. If I reactivate my CIK service using previously-owned CIK equipment, would this equipment still have a CIK hardware lifetime warranty?

When your service was cancelled, the equipment has been treated as demolished and no longer warrantied. When you reactivate the service using this equipment, they are treated as your own equipment and no longer under the CIK standard hardware lifetime warranty.

14. If I have previously cancelled my CIK service and now want to sign up again as I am aware of a new promotion, what are the conditions?

Every new CIK customer is given a one-time large discount when signing up, and if you cancelled the service and wish to reactivate the service at the same address, the promotion can only be offered after 6 months from the previous cancellation date. If you just purchased a property or just moved in to a new home, we would ask you to provide a property purchase term or a rental agreement, and upon approval, you would be eligible for the latest promotion.